In some cultures, rain on your wedding day is a symbol of good luck because it signifies a renewal and fresh start. At over 9,000 feet, just below timberline in the mountains of Colorado, rain happens – you can almost count on it. The freshness it leaves behind intensifies the crisp pine scented air. The good thing about rain is the beauty it brings. For this day the clouds lifted just in time for the ceremony and carried the rain with them leaving beautiful meadows and mountainsides covered in wildflower confetti – it was spectacular.

Piney River Ranch is a magical place for a wedding. It has a feeling of seclusion far from the everyday world – it’s like having your own little piece of heaven for your wedding. Here you find the striking contrast of the raw wild mountain peaks to the soft meadows and clear tranquil lake. Add wildflowers, wildflowers and more wildflowers with a wedding party and you have one stunning event.

Sarah and Michael have been dating for ten years. They are so much fun, always joking and laughing together. There’s no doubt that they are deeply in love and truly enjoy each other’s company. I was thrilled when they agreed to jump in a canoe and paddle out on the lake just as the sun hit the mountain peaks washing them with crimson light that reflected on the water. How many couples do that – really?

This wedding was filled with fun, laughter, and loving sentimentality. Both the father of the bride and the father of the groom shed a few tears. These are the moments that strike a cord with my nostalgic side and touch my heart. The venue, flowers, decorations and food add to making a wedding special but it’s the bride and groom surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends that is truly the most beautiful part of all weddings.

02 Bride and Groom on the Way to Piney River Ranch Cute Ring Shot ideas at weddings 02 Ceremony Site at Piney River Ranch03 Flowers at Piney River Ranch Ceremony Site 04 Bride with Dad before ceremony at Piney River Ranch05 Wildflowers at Piney River Ranch 06 Bride walking down isle at Piney River Ranch07 Wedding ceremony at Piney River Ranch Vail 08 Wedding Ceremony Piney River Ranch 09 First Kiss at Piney River Ranch Wedding10 Bride and Groom on mountain top Piney River Ranch 11 Bride with Bridemaids Piney River Ranch 12 Wedding Party at Piney River Ranch13 Candid of Bride with Bridesmaids Piney River Ranch 14 Bride and Groom on top of mountain with wild flowers Piney River Ranch 15 Bride on mountain top with wild flowers Piney River Ranch 16 Bride and Groom walking through moutain field Piney River Ranch 17 Bride and Groom with stunning mountain backdrop Piney River Ranch17 Piney River Ranch Wedding 18 Bride  and Groom in fleld by lake in the mountains Piney River Ranch 18 Wildflower wedding centerpiece ideas 19 Lake at Piney River Ranch 20 Wild Flowers at Piney River Ranch 21 Wild Flower centerpieces at Piney River Ranch 22 Piney River Ranch at Sunset23 Bundt Cake at wedding reception Piney River Ranch 24 Wedding guests by campfire Piney River Ranch 25 Bundt Wedding Cake is yummy Piney River Ranch 26 Bride and Groom on a canoe Piney River Ranch 27 Bride and Groom in a canoe during sunset at Piney River ranch 28 Night Sky at Piney River Ranch Vail Venue and Caterer: Piney River Ranch Florist and Planner: Karen with The Garden Path Cake: The Bundt Shoppe (These cakes are so, so yummy)