I know it sounds crazy but…I love shooting in the rain. Particularly when it becomes liberating like it did with Ashley and Mark. There is a freedom and spontaneity in letting go of the idea of perfection – perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect shot. It was as if this session was a celebration of not only their love but of the perfectness of imperfection.

Look at these two – holding hands and kissing under the burst of pink and white blooms, dancing in the rain on a street so wet you can see their reflection and snuggling and laughing together over a drink as they warmed up in a local pub. A little rain didn’t dampen their spirits – not even a little. They just let go and brought their own personal sunshine to this grey, cloudy, rainy day.

There are times when the weather rolls in and you just have to roll with the weather – like it or not. It can seem devastating at first if you have the mindset that everything will be ruined. However, I’ve found that if you release all of the expectations of what makes for perfection and just let it be you might just find the kind of experience that gives you a totally new definition of “perfect”.

Thank you Ashley and Mark for a “perfect” engagement session. I’m ever so excited about your wedding in September at Wild Basin Lodge.

01 Downtown Denver engagement photos with blossoming trees in the rain 02 Date night themed engagement photos 03 Blossoming trees in an urban engagement session 04 Spring engagement photos in the rain with cherry blossoms 05 City engagement photos kissing in the rain 06 City engagement photos while dancing in the rain 07 Engagement session with cherry blossoms in Downtown Denver 08 Dancing in the rain during a city engagement session