Tucked away in the bluffs above Denver amongst the sagebrush and scrub oak, nearly hidden away, a haven exists – the Sanctuary. It was the perfect place for Mataya and Brian’s dazzling wedding with its extraordinary views, lush fairways, waterfall, and pristine landscaping. From the beautiful open-air pavilion looking to the west you have the spectacular outline of the Rocky Mountains’ Rampart Range and Thunder Butte. To the north is the city below that is only really noticeable after the sun disappears behind the mountains and the lights emerge.

This wedding was truly an iridescent event – from the shinning crystal vases holding the gorgeous flower arrangements, the glimmering decorations, and the wedding cake circled in bling right down to the sparkler send-off. Yet all this shimmer combined with the twinkling stars in the sky and the glittering lights from the city in the distance paled in comparison to the beaming look on Brian’s face when he first saw his radiant bride – and Mataya’s delight to his reaction.

I must admit that the “first look” is one of my favorite moments of each wedding. Whether it’s as the bride walks down the aisle or in a private meeting prior to the ceremony – just like Brian’s, the grooms face says it all. In that preverbal “take my breath away’ nanosecond you see an expression like no other. If there were words for this look they might read: there she is the beautiful love of my life; or how did I ever get so lucky to have this woman in my life; or this incredible woman picked me to spend the rest of her life with; or all of the above. Maybe there are no words, as this kind of emotional moment cannot be described with mere words. May Mataya and Brian remember this moment the rest of their lives.

02 Wedding dress and shoes sanctuary golf course

03 View from sanctuary golf course

04 Groom getting ready sanctuary golf course

05 Bride getting ready sanctuary golf course06 Bride in hallway at sanctuary golf course 07 Stunning Bridal portrait sanctuary golf course 08 Brides red bouquet sanctuary golf course 09 Frist look at sanctuary golf course wedding 10 Wedding ceremony sanctuary golf course11 Wedding ceremony kiss sanctuary golf course 12 Bride and Groom by waterfall sanctuary golf course 13 Bride with bridesmaids sanctuary golf course 14 wedding party by waterfall sanctuary golf course 15 Bride by water fall and groomsmen with groom and golf clubs sanctuary golf course16 Bride and goom portraits sanctuary golf course 17 Bride and Groom in Hallway sanctuary golf course 18 Red reception details sanctuary golf course 19 View of sanctuary golf course and red reception center pieces 20 Recption details and menu card sanctuary golf course 21 Awesome sunset photos of bride and groom at sanctuary golf course 21 wedding guests candid wedding photos sanctuary golf course 22 Awesome sunset shot of bride and groom sanctuary golf course22 Stunning red and black reception sanctuary golf course 23 Wedding cake with bling sanctuary golf course
25 sanctuary golf course wedding reception at night 26 Wedding guests dancing at sanctuary golf course 27 really cool wedding ring photo sanctuary golf course 28 Grand sparkler exit at sanctuary golf course29 Bride and Groom with sparklers Glamourous

Venue: The Sanctuary

Florist: Swank Stems

Videographer: Mares Productions

Cake: Gateaux

DJ: Elite DJ

Make Up Artist: Megan Cary